Navigating by Starlight

The Storyteller arrives before dawn.  The world is still dark, and the room empty, but full of anticipation.  She lights a fire in the hearth, sets out the seating, dusts the tables and sweeps the floor.  She ponders, briefly, painting the walls, but decides to leave them as they are.  She puts the kettle on for tea.

The story goes, we writers are reclusive sorts. The stereotypes keep us in cold attics or studio apartments or remote cabins in obscure woods. There may be some truth to that: writing is a notoriously solitary art, and we all need that “room of one’s own,” as Virginia Woolf so famously put it. But now, our computers and laptops come with us up into the attic, and remote cabins are hooked up with wifi. And we do have a habit of making words if we’re given a page to put them on–even if the page is virtual. Continue reading “Navigating by Starlight”

Zombies, Cats, and Other Nonsense

Hey everyone, if you’ve been looking for a new story to fill that zombie-shaped hole in your life, have I got a treat for you!  “Why I’m Asking for an Extension on My Paper” is now available on the Cast of Wonders podcast for your reading and/or listening pleasure!

If you’re looking for a new story to fill that zombie-shaped hole in your wall, though, I recommend using drywall instead.

This story has something for everyone!  Zombies, genies, cats, mysterious little girls, term papers. . . .No fairies, though, because that would just be silly.  There are definitely no fairies in this story.  Probably.

New Story in Triangulation!

Well, I’m back from Confluence and I’m excited to show you what I saw there!  Yep, it’s the 2016 Triangulation anthology, Triangulation: Beneath the Surface!  And included in these pages is my story “The Evening Path,” my first story to actually appear in a physical copy 🙂  You can imagine how thrilled I was to be able to hold it in my hands! Continue reading “New Story in Triangulation!”