New Story in Triangulation!

Well, I’m back from Confluence and I’m excited to show you what I saw there!  Yep, it’s the 2016 Triangulation anthology, Triangulation: Beneath the Surface!  And included in these pages is my story “The Evening Path,” my first story to actually appear in a physical copy 🙂  You can imagine how thrilled I was to be able to hold it in my hands!

Triangulation small

If you would also like to hold this delicious anthology in your hands, it is available as both a paperback and a Kindle Edition through Amazon right here.  Buying a copy helps to ensure that Parsec Ink continues to put out future anthologies, and it also helps to ensure you have some great stories to read 🙂

Confluence was, as usual, a delightful time all around.  There were fantastic and informative panels, great conversations with new friends and old, and of course, lots of books!  I came home with several additions to the stash, as well as a list of even more books to look up in the future.  Looks like I’m not digging myself out of the To Be Read pile for a while!





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